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The design and verification module EuroReinforcedConcrete is intended for the design and verification of flat and spatial reinforced concrete bar structures according to PN-EN 1992-1-1 Eurocodes 2 in the program ArCADia-RAMA, in a flat and complex load condition.


As part of checking the ultimate limit state and use, the program performs the following calculations:

  • The calculation of the longitudinal  reinforcement for bidirectional bending, eccentric compression, eccentric tension and torsion with the consideration of limits for perpendicular cracks.
  • The calculation of transverse reinforcement (stirrups) for bidirectional shear and torsion.
  • The calculation of bidirectional deflection in the cracking state.


It is possible to design and verify the following types of cross-sections in the program: circular, rectangular, angular, T-shaped, I-shaped, C-shaped, and Z-shaped.

The program is made in the form of an integrated installation, built into the program for structural analysis ArCADia-RAMA.

Advanced features of the EuroReinforcedConcrete module:

  • The user can create any design and verify type definitions (including basic settings of reinforcement parameters), and then use them in any project.
  • A wide range of primary reinforcement types to choose from: optimal, even, symmetrical, arranged in two rows, limited only to the main part of the section.
  • The option of automatically determining the bar concrete cover based on the exposure class.
  • The division of reinforced concrete elements into a selected number of zones with uniform reinforcement, separately for longitudinal and transverse reinforcement.



The design and verification module EuroReinforcedConcrete is intended for the design and verification of flat and spatial  reinforced concrete bar structures.

  • The program takes into account the basic construction conditions for the distribution of reinforcement in elements.
  • The automatic selection of the number of shear reinforcement zones.
  • Internal force envelopes in all characteristic points of the designed and verified element are automatically checked.
  • A design and verification report in the form of manual calculations containing all intermediate results, created in the RTF format (MS Word)




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