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Design module for a circular hollow section column base subjected to biaxial loading conditions according to PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006 standard, with DXF drawing generation function.

A EuroConnections program module.


Connection type CIRCULAR HOLLOW SECTION COLUMN BASE, fixed or pinned, for rectangular tubular column sections, verification for sets of spatial internal forces, or the full bearing capacity of column cross-section.


Module features:



  • straight anchors, J-anchors, L-anchors and headed anchors
  • possible arrangement depending on base plate shape - fasteners arranged radially (circular plate) or in a mode with exactly 4 corner fasteners (rectangular plate)

Base plate:


  • circular base plate or rectangular base plate
  • column section centered on the base plate




  • stiffeners arranged radially (allowed for rectangular base plate only)



  • advanced and dynamic sketch of the designed connection model in an editable DXF format, which includes a bill of materials
  • cross-sections for the beam are circular hollow sections (CHS)
  • possibility of the design and verification of pole/column base obtained from ArCADia RAMA structure model
  • column anchored in the foundation block at a straight angle
  • bisymmetrical configuration of the joint model
  • the possibility of using a shear nib
  • the possibility of reinforcing the column base with stiffener plates (in enumerated configurations)

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