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Design module for a double-branch column base subjected to biaxial loading conditions according to PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006 standard, with a DXF drawing generation function.

A EuroConnections program module.


Connection type DOUBLE-BRANCH COLUMN BASE, fixed or pinned, for build-up column sections composed of doubled I-beams or doubled C-sections, verification for sets of spatial internal forces, or the full bearing capacity of column cross-section.

Module features:



  • straight anchors, J-anchors, L-anchors and headed anchors
  • possible arrangement along each side of the base plate

Base plate:


  • rectangular base plate
  • column section centered on the base plate




  • in the form of a set of pairs of plates connected to column section corners, in directions perpendicular to the edges of the base plate (orthogonal projection)



  • advanced and dynamic sketch of the designed connection model in an editable DXF format, which includes a bill of materials
  • possible cross-sections for the column are: doubled I-beams or doubled C-sections with section symmetry determined by the position of the web
  • possibility of the design and verification of pole/column base obtained from ArCADia RAMA structure model
  • column anchored in the foundation block at a straight angle
  • bisymmetrical configuration of the joint model
  • the possibility of using a shear nib
  • the possibility of reinforcing the column base with stiffener plates (in enumerated configurations)

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