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Design module for a welded tubular truss node according to PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006 standard, with DXF drawing generation function.

A EuroConnections program module.


Connection type WELDED TUBULAR TRUSS node, of rectangular hollow sections, verification for sets of uniplanar internal forces in cross-section, or the full bearing capacity of members.

Module features:

Joint reinforcement plates:


  • for a chord made of a tube section, it is possible to use: reinforcing flange plate (on the wall of the chord to which the braces are connected) or reinforcing side plates



  • advanced and dynamic sketch of the designed connection model in an editable DXF format, which includes a bill of materials
  • possible cross-sections for the chord are: rectangular / square tubes or C-section tubes
  • possible cross-sections for the vertical and diagonal bars are: rectangular / square tubes or C-section tubes
  • positive, negative or zero node eccentricity is allowed
  • calculations can be performed for T, Y or K, N and KT type of joints, with gap or with overlap
  • if more than one bar converges at the joint (X-, K-, N- or KT-joints) - their axes should converge in a single node point

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