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An extended CAD drawing engine




  • New version of dynamic coordinate input and a setup window for dynamic input.
  • Import and export of system variable settings from the System Variable Manager window.


  • Full tool Palette support: option to create your own, modify existing palettes, import and export palettes.
  • Creating a three-dimensional CAD project from ArCADia’s objects (walls, pipes, cables etc.)
  • New auxiliary options placed in a special group and easily accessible from the left toolbar.
  • New options for measuring length, area and perimeter. 
  • Docked property panel.
  • Displaying tool palettes.
  • Dedicated Express tools toolbar.
  • The program window is divided into tabs in which the drawings are successively displayed.
  • Working on layers.
  • Project management explorer.
  • Ability to open and fully edit ACIS solids (format developed by Spatial Technology Inc.). Import and export of ACIS solids in SAT format. Only in ArCADia PLUS.
  • Possibility to fully modify and edit the properties of all drawn elements.
  • Implemented Lisp programming language interpreter.

  • Possibility to load SDS and IRX overlays.

  • Basic tools for creating 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Automatic field and distance measurement, setting coordinates.
  • New options for construction lines.
  • Entering and defining symbol libraries, blocks, simple and complex texts (SHX and TrueType fonts).
  • Additional multiline text editor.
  • Option to clear text formatting when copying texts from other programs.
  • Dimensioning assigned to the element: linear and angular, the ability to define your own styles.
  • Enhanced block, reference and dimension support capabilities.
  • Options: Select similar (with adding to the selection and the settings window), Multiadogy, Multiline editor, Dashed line.
  • A wide range of hatch patterns. New hatch definition and gradient fill window.
  • A multiline drawing option.
  • Possibility of photorealistic visualization and rendering.
  • Drawing in hidden line mode and shading in real time.
  • Possibility to open ACIS solids (without option to create and fully editing).
  • DWF, DGN and DAE formats support.
  • Export of STL files.
  • Possibility to add point cloud in RCP / RCS format.
  • New types of 3D objects (primitives) - Facet Modeler (ODA surface modeler), along with basic editing functions.
  • Modification of the top menu, ribbons (panels and tabs), toolbars, command status bar and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Precise printing by setting all print parameters. Possibility to create a non-rectangular viewport in the paper space
  • Auxiliary grid, orthogonal drawing functions, polar tracking.
  • Extended recognition of snap points (ESNAP), e.g. for lines - center, end points and intersections of lines.

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