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Let's take a walk in your project



ArCADia-3D VIEWER is an independent application which allows the user to view 3D projects and to have a 3D walk around them without the need to install ArCADia. It is impossible, however, to modify the viewed projects. ArCADia-3D VIEWER can also be built into a presentation saved with ArCADia-3D MAKER and it can be launched with a project made in the ArCADia BIM system.

Advanced features of the ArCADia-3D VIEWER:

  • Opens .a3d files containing a 3D presentation.
  • Allows to view the building with selected textures or colours of layers.
  • Enables to glaze a chosen line of elements (electrical, sewage, gas, etc.) to make the project clearer.
  • The project can be viewed in tree modes: orbit mode, flight mode and walk mode.

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