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Design module for a beam-to-column end plate connections according to PN-EN 1993-1-8:2006 standard, with DXF drawing generation function.

A EuroConnections program module.


Connection type BEAM-TO-COLUMN END PLATE connection, with plate stiffeners and haunches, welded or bolted, verification for sets of uniplanar internal forces, or the full bearing capacity of members.


The algorithm for verification of a connection in which both main members are connected via the end plate or by means of direct welding. The connection is one-sided (for one beam from one side of the column), with various possible configurations.


Module features:



  • stiffeners reinforcing beam flange bottom and/or top
  • haunches (modelled as a standard tee profile, 1/2 I-beam section or welded haunch) or plate stiffener
  • the stiffener-to-end plate connection can be realized using fillet or butt weld
  • if haunches are used, it is possible to use additional transverse column web stiffeners: top plate stiffener (on the extension of the upper haunch flange) and bottom plate stiffener (on the extension of the lower haunch flange)



  • advanced and dynamic sketch of the designed connection model in an editable DXF format, which includes a bill of materials
  • cross-sections for the beam and column are I-beam sections
  • beam connected to column flange
  • beam connected to the column also at an angle other than 90º
  • it is possible to use the column web stiffener: the upper stiffener (on the extension of the upper beam flange), the lower stiffener (on the extension of the lower beam flange) or the supplementary web plate
  • checking the limitations on the size of the weld according to PN-EN 1708-2: 2019-02


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