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Saving the Properties of ArCADia System Elements
31 May 2022

ArCADia BIM 14 EN webinar - PART 2



The second part of the ArCADia BIM 14 EN webinar is an overview of the program and its main parts in which we are presenting:


  • ​Introduction and general information on the purpose and function of the Project Manager window
  • Underlay tab
  • Creating buildings, levels and managing individual groups and elements.
  • Overview of views (view, 3D view, 3D CAD, cross- section, axonometry and extension) and levels of detail and information on how they are entered.
  • Tabs for imported IFC or RVT files
  • Converting the view to a drawing and flattening the design


The whole webinar can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqWMWnshdKY&t=1s


The third part is coming, tune in for more!






























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