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Saving the Properties of ArCADia System Elements
30 July 2021

ArCADia-BIM: Hiding Rooms on the View

When drawing with elements of the ArCADia system, the programme takes over some tasks. A good example here is the creation of rooms that occurs automatically after closing the contour of the walls. The room is created only by walls and virtual walls that will be drawn with a closed layout. Sometimes the created rooms interfere with drawing, the tables from them are large and make it difficult to select snap points, or they simply take up too much space of the drawing. Sometimes closing the outline of the walls does not mean that a room is to be created there, but the program creates it.
If we do not generally need the view to show the rooms with a description or we want to get rid of it temporarily and turn it on at the right moment after creating the building model, then the rooms should be turned off in the level of the tree in the Project Manager window.



If a room is not needed, we can hide it, not switch it off, but hide it. You need to select the table of such a room and select Hide room from the edit window.



We hide rooms that we consider, for example, as shafts or chimney ducts, on the foundation level, or in the case of an internal patio design. “Hiding rooms”, however, sometimes may not be enough, it is not only "hiding" the description table, but also removing it from the set of rooms and the usable area. However, this does not ensure that this room is not included in the building's cubature. This is especially important in the case of foundations and patios. In these cases, before “hiding” the rooms, go to the properties of the room and select External from the Temperature button.



In this case, the program will no longer count such a room in the cubature of the building, and if we hide this room after that, they will also disappear from the usable area and the view.

However, if at some point they are needed, it is enough to expand the Rooms group from the Project Manager window, turn on Hidden rooms and edit the one we need. Finally, switch off the hidden room bulb again.



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