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Saving the Properties of ArCADia System Elements
05 March 2021

ArCADia for Beginners

If you have not worked on ArCADia before, this post is especially for you.

Let's start where working with the program begins, so by clicking on the shortcut. The program starts and the window with menu templates is displayed.


Menu appearance template ArCADia BIM


Here you can choose a command layout tailored specifically for you. If you are an installer and you are not interested in other modules that you will not use, choose the template that has the options selected for your industry. If you need other tools, you can always turn them on, but at first you won't be looking for the commands you don’t need.


ArCADia BIM 3D view


The program will start with three additional windows on the right. You can turn them off, but remember that you will need one of them for work, project management, creating and switching between levels. Defining what is shown in the drawing or disabled for printing. But if the window has been closed, then on the left side there is a toolbar, which on the first place has the options for turning this window on and off, i.e. the Project Manager. You have an icon easily available, and the window doesn't have to occupy your drawing area all the time. The second icon on this bar is the 3D View, where you can check what our project looks like.

ArCADia BIM 3D view toolbars

Above are the options for the vertical toolbar, shown here horizontally. Moving the cursor on the ribbons (options located at the top of the screen) you can see the descriptions of the icons arranged there. Under the descriptions in some of the options there is an icon that will allow you to go to the instructional video on the YouTube channel.

ArCADia BIM 3D view Project Manager

We suggest starting with the videos for the Project Manager window, 3D View and Insert View.

There are also tutorials on the ArCADiasoft channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUQ7j4AWqW7c934IDkty6g , in which both the basics of working with the program as well as the more advanced options are described.


ArCADia BIM Youtube channel tutorials

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