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Description Of Component Association
20 October 2020

Description Of Component Association

The ArCADia BIM system consists of intelligent objects related to each other. Some objects function independently, and some do not exist without other, previously introduced elements. Most of the elements belong to the building and the floor, and the external network modules belong to the terrain. In this way, there is no element in the program that belongs to nothing :). But we will now turn to another association, the so-called "children". "Children" are elements that cannot exist without "parents"; for example, a window is a "child" of a wall because you cannot insert a window without inserting a wall first. Thus, the "children" of the wall are: windows, doors and openings (also script windows/doors). A different type of a "child" of a wall is a room - different because there must be at least 3 interconnected walls for a room to be created.

This association is quite visible, as are a roof and its "children". Without the roof, there are no: dormers, hatches, windows and openings in the roof, chimney cowls, snow barriers, ridge tiles, gutters and drain pipes. We have an additional layer here because the drain pipes cannot exist without gutters.

The above-mentioned objects and their "children" are obvious and do not surprise anyone, but why, for example, after closing the walls, and thus creating a room in 3D view, we cannot see the floor? Exactly: the floor also belongs to another element, it cannot exist without the room and the ceiling! If a ceiling is entered below, the floor is shown, if there is no ceiling, despite the fact that there is a description of the floor on the view, we will not actually see it either in the 3D view or in the cross-section. Of course, the floor parameters are defined in the room properties window, but it is not the only "parent" of the floor. The ceiling is also very important, as it will not show the floor when it appears on its own. In this case, two conditions must be met. We have to create rooms and introduce ceilings under them.

What about the floor on the ground? Well, for the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE module, this is a special ceiling that exists independently. Anyway, the icon for entering the floor on the ground for the entire level is among the options for entering the ceiling.

So let's remember that if an element is not present in several views, maybe we have not met the appropriate conditions for its introduction :).





























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