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Creates a network of evacuation routes in buildings

Easily create a network of evacuation routes in buildings. Evacuation routes can be printed in any sizes depending on the user's needs. The program is intended for engineers, architects or people in charge of maintenance in public utility buildings.

A user can create evacuation maps on the basis of existing building and spatial development plans (formats: DWG, IFC, DXF) or make their  own drawings using the ArCADia system tools.



This module expands the capabilities of the ArCADia BIM program with advanced functions, which means that part of the building modelling options are available in the ArCADia BIM program: ArCADia LT, ArCADia BIM, ArCADia PLUS

NEW features of the ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES module:

  • Automatic escape route determination by indicating two points. The identified routes are displayed, from which the user selects the best one.
  • New symbols according to the PN EN ISO 7010: 2012 standard.
  • Introduction of an escape route area by a defined width.
  • Areas are entered automatically into the outline of a room.


  • A new area in which in addition to a filling, you can apply a hatching and save the designation to the program library.
  • Introducing an evacuation and firefighting plan of a specified size, not only by indicating it on the view, makes it easier to manage the print sheet.
  • Description, additional text with a reference line allowing you to indicate important elements on the view, e.g., lines separating fire zones, emergency doors, or names of buildings on the general plan.

Advanced features of the ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES module:

  • Create and print evacuation maps on the basis of projections produced in ArCADia or imported from other programs.
  • Automatically create legends, including descriptions of facilities and symbols used. 
  • A library of ready-made symbols and boards compliant with industry standards. Symbols and other features are compliant with the European standard ISO 23601 in force.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive functions for colouring evacuation routes.
  • Intuitive functions for colouring evacuation areasautomated functions for marking evacuation routes.
  • Ready-made boards, including the procedures in case of fire or accidents.

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