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03 August 2022
In most programs running on the Windows platform, copying elements is the same. You select the element to copy and right-click on it. From the list, you select Copy. Then,
14 July 2022
Here are some ways to get around the lack of a corner (bay) window option. 1. Draw the walls of the corner in which you want to place the window
07 June 2022
The third part continues discussing the main parts of the ArCADia BIM 14 EN program and contains: An overview of the properties and settings of the 3D View window Surfaces
31 May 2022
The second part of the ArCADia BIM 14 EN webinar is an overview of the program and its main parts in which we are presenting: ​Introduction and general information on
22 May 2022
We have started our new series of webinars related to ArCADia BIM 14. The webinar is very useful for new users as well as for all those who have been
18 May 2022
If we take over a project made in ArCon or convert files from the IFC format, we do not need to create levels, because they are brought over together with
12 May 2022
The ArCADia program allows you to check for collisions between elements from the entire ArCADia system, and with the IFC model. Options for detecting collisions and intersections of elements are
05 May 2022
If we would like to draw our own elements into the project – e.g. installations, we must create a building in the project manager with floors on the appropriate elevations.
28 April 2022
The model from the IFC file can be imported into the program and treated simply as an underlay. To do this, select the IMPORT IFC option and indicate the file
21 April 2022
The IFC format is an open and extremely important data exchange format in the openBIM concept.   These files contain data about the object such as geometry, position in space  or
05 April 2022
The new version of the program is based on the new CAD graphics module, i.e., a faster data input engine. The data input window has been changed, which can replace
30 March 2022
  ArCADia BIM, ArCADia BIM LT and ArCADia BIM PLUS are applications on which the BIM design support system works. Projects made with the ArCADia BIM system options are fully read
23 March 2022
The ArCADia system includes the Flatten document option. This option is intended for sending the project to a person who is cooperating with us but does not have ArCADia software,
08 March 2022
After drawing the installation in ArCADia BIM, it is possible to check the correctness of its implementation in terms of the connections of all objects in the project and the
03 March 2022
Designing in a 3D model greatly facilitates cross-industry coordination and solving any collisions occurring in buildings. In order to find possible collisions (or installation intersections that need attention), choose the
25 February 2022
Fresh air is supplied to rooms and used air is removed by means of the final elements of the installation - air intake and outtake. If such an object is
14 February 2022
When designing a ventilation system using ArCADia BIM, is best to start with defining the ventilation systems needed in the project. Go to the Ventilation tab and choose Options command
24 January 2022
The changing world constantly puts new demands on designers. The ever-progressing general digitization, although at first received with reluctance, today seems indispensable and offers practically unlimited possibilities. Just as CAD
22 December 2021
Three programs to choose from... how do they differ? For users working with ArCADia system elements (walls, pipes or lines), one could say that they do not differ, because the
30 November 2021
If you are changing your computer and moving the "workstation", that is, you are reinstalling the program, you want to quickly adjust its settings to your habits. However, it cannot


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