23 September 2020
Sometimes you need to introduce a window between the floors or passing through two levels. Most often, such windows are placed on staircases or in places that allow to light
15 September 2020
The line thickness is changed in each element in the property window or in the edit window. Wall hatching, columns and other elements cut by a cross-section or a level
10 September 2020
If we have a geodetic underlay in the dwg file format, we can use it to automatically create terrain in our project. We start with rescaling our project from centimetres
26 August 2020
The materials library from which we can define, for example, walls, is based mainly on three standards containing materials: Building components (PN-EN 6946), Building materials and products (PN-EN 12524) and
12 August 2020
The snap points are very important for drawing. Without them, we will not able to draw anything precisely. In ArCADia BIM, ArCADia BIM PLUS and INTERsoft-INTELLICAD, depending on chosen by
05 August 2020
I would not recommend using this method as it will slow down the program a bit, but if all the following comments are applied, you can make use of it.
29 July 2020
To sign the drawing, the program allows you to enter a defined title block or create your own table. Below is a description of how to create the title block
23 July 2020
 After drawing all the levels, you can place the roof using the Rectangle roof     function, which you can find on the Architecture ribbon. Now we select the introduced roof and
14 July 2020
The first connection between the ArCADia BIM programs and ArCADia-RAMA is the option of creating a framing. The roof created in the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE module along with the dormer windows and
01 July 2020
Copying the ArCADia system elements can be done by using modification options (Copy) or through the clipboard (Ctrl+C) alternatively when creating levels or via the Multiclipboard. The first option allows
24 June 2020
The default drawing unit in the ArCADia system is centimetres. This is defined in the view properties and this is how you can change it at any time. In the
17 June 2020
A computer replacement happens from time to time. Sometimes we change only a part of our equipment so if this does not involve reinstalling the system, then we do not
03 June 2020
Projects drawn with objects from the ArCADia BIM system are introduced on the view. This is one of the views available in the program. The 3D view is also a
20 May 2020
ArCADia-LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is a new module that allows you, among other thing, to design a backyard space with a fence or park, together with a playground or "health paths" if
14 May 2020
Command aliases are usually a short name, we don't use function keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12), only letters and numbers. For example, to draw lines we do not have to
06 May 2020
The customization of ArCADia BIM 11 and ArCADia BIM PLUS 11 has changed a lot compared to the previous version. We have already described how to modify ribbons and toolbars,
29 April 2020
The Adapt window in ArCADia BIM 11 consists of two tabs, Customize and Transfer. The Transfer tab allows you to enter tools from files: The .mnu and .mns files are
23 April 2020
  The Adapt window looks completely different in ArCADia 11 and at first glance we do not know how to change anything in it. After a moment, however, it will turn
16 April 2020
The Object Explorer contains three types of elements: 3D objects, 2D symbols and Layouts. The 3D objects are primarily interior design elements, but also trees, garden furniture and basic solids
09 April 2020
In the ArCADia and INTERsoft-INTELLICAD programs, we save files by default in the .dwg format. But, do you actually save your project as soon as you start designing it? Or



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