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23 February 2021
When installing ArCADia, ArCADia LT or ArCADia PLUS for 28 days, all options are available. This way you can get a demo of the program. 28 days are counted from
16 February 2021
The ArCADia-LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE module has the capability of introducing plants that are shown schematically. Both the 2D symbol and its 3D presentation can be changed and e.g. saved to the
10 February 2021
The simplest example of differentiating the colours of the facade is by introducing three horizontal blocks of different width and texture, placed on top of each other on the last
02 February 2021
. This option will be available with the Advanced 3D mode, but if your graphic card does not have good enough specs to create a visualisation, the  ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE module will
26 January 2021
A wall, like most ArCADia elements, has the option of adding a material on its surface. The material can be selected from the program's library as a Predefined surface or
05 January 2021
If you are designing a single-family house with a garage located within the residential building area, you have to deal with lowering the garage or elevating the residential part. Let's
30 December 2020
The ArCADia BIM System allows you to verify the correctness of the project in various ways. One way is through the collisions option, which allows you to see if the
22 December 2020
The ArCADia BIM system has a very useful option of comparing documents, which allows anyone to compare two documents from one project and check in a graphical way what has
16 December 2020
For multi-family or public buildings, the list of rooms should be divided into functions. The above list of office building rooms comes from one of the sample projects included in
01 December 2020
The Project Manager window shows all the elements of a given building or level available in a given view. These elements can be divided into groups, for example to be
24 November 2020
If the built-in library of 3D objects in the ArCADia BIM program is insufficient, you can expand the library in various ways. One option is to buy libraries defined for
18 November 2020
The ArCADia BIM system has the option for saving a 3D presentation, i.e. a three-dimensional project model in such a view. There are no views and dimensions here, you cannot
10 November 2020
  CAD programs have various options of searching for elements. You can, for example, select all circles or lines in a project or search only for lines drawn with a specific
03 November 2020
If we have changed the CAD drawing tool to a more advanced one, e.g. ArCADia with system objects, then if you want to introduce old projects into the BIM model,
28 October 2020
Projects created in the ArCADia system are saved in dwg files. But what does the program really save in this format? If the project includes a building and its installations
20 October 2020
The ArCADia BIM system consists of intelligent objects related to each other. Some objects function independently, and some do not exist without other, previously introduced elements. Most of the elements
13 October 2020
It may happen that a backyard garage is a separate building. It may also happen that you are designing an estate of terraced houses on a small slope. There can
06 October 2020
This question can be asked for all the elements of the ArCADia BIM system. The program, of course, has a database of defined elements - in industries these are libraries
29 September 2020
When moving around the three-dimensional space of your project, you can save the observer point of view settings to which you want to return. There can be any number of
23 September 2020
Sometimes you need to introduce a window between the floors or passing through two levels. Most often, such windows are placed on staircases or in places that allow to light


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