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In addition to the wide range of calculations, the module is additionally characterized by the following features :


  • It considers the groundwater piezometric level.
  • It allows for including additional eccentricities in the location of interactions on the foundation.
  • It calculates the support’s vertical elasticity (the Winkler coefficient).
  • It is ergonomic and easy to operate.
  • Verification of the stability for revolution for subsequent load patterns.
  • Calculations of the average value of the primary and secondary settlement of a foundation block on a layered base for all load patterns using the stress method (according to the Eurocode).
  • For a bell foot, designing and verification of the horizontal and vertical reinforcement of the bell, together with the appropriate selection of bars.

EuroFooting EN


The module is intended for the design of direct foundations (footings).

  • Checking the soil load-bearing capacity in two directions, at the foundation level and at the roof of each soil layer for all load patterns, in accordance with PN-EN 1997-1 Eurocode 7.
  • Checking the standard condition regarding the eccentricity size.
  • Designing and verifying of a foundation block for bending due to the soil resistance, with the calculations run for extreme stresses in the x and y directions (according to PN-EN 1992-1-1 Eurocode 2), together with checking the design conditions for minimum reinforcement and with an appropriate design and selection of bars.

Advanced features of the EuroFooting module:

The design and verification module EuroFooting is an integral part of the ArCADia-RAMA system. It is intended for the design of direct foundations (spot footings) according to PN-EN 1997-1 Eurocode 7 in the combined load state.


The module allows you to define the following foundation types in the program:

• Rectangular reinforced concrete footing

• Trapezoidal reinforced concrete footing

• A reinforced concrete bell footing

• Stepped reinforced concrete footing

• Circular reinforced concrete footing



The program is made in the form of an integrated installation, built into our program for static calculations ArCADia-RAMA.


In order for the EuroFooting module to work, the ArCADia-RAMA module has to be purchased and installed first.



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