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Multi-branch cross-sections (near and far-branching are remembered in the project file as a normal current cross-section consisting of two or four main branches, and additionally for such a cross-section in its definition the parametric structure of longitudinal joints of branches is remembered in the form of type of assembly, spacing and lacing dimensions and in the case of grated connections of the lattice type, cross-sections of posts and cross-braces and the distance of the repeating section. 3D views of individual bars with multi-branch cross-sections are created on the basis of the above data and a few simple rules regarding the method of distribution of repetitive sections along the length of the bar and the left ends.




This module is used to design and verify bars and complex elements, near and far-branching uniform built-up compression members.

The program allows for the design and verification of bars and double-hinged elements and elements with any support conditions while simplifying that the additional moment from imperfection is added to the moments of structural analysis at each design and verification point, regardless of whether imperfection is actually present at the point (oversizing) . The load-bearing capacity of the multi-branch element is always checked at two points (bar, element) in which there are maximum moment values for each direction (even when the moments from structural analysis are zero, there is a moment from the assumed imperfection).

Advanced features of the EuroSteel BUILT-UP module:

The EuroSteel BUILT-UP  module is used to design and verify bars and complex elements, near and far-branching uniform built-up compression members, according to PN-EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 norm, in a complex state of tension.

The following types of complex bars are designed and verified in the EuroSteel BUILT-UP module:


Near-branch complex bars:

a) two-branch with lacing 2 channel section, 2 angle section, 2 angles askew section, 2 angles transversely

b) four-branch with lacing  4 angle section.


Complex far-branching bars:

a) two-branch with grating and lacing 2 channel section, 2 I-section.

b) four-branch grated 2 equal-sided angle section.


The program is made in the form of an integrated installation built into the ArCADia-RAMA structural analysis program. 



In order for the EuroSteel BUILT-UP module to work, the ArCADia-RAMA module has to be purchased and installed first.



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