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  • Normal and tangential stresses in an element’s cross-section are checked separately.
  • The user can additionally perform the design and verification at any indicated points of the element, for all envelopes or for one selected envelope, group or sum of groups.
  • The program determines the maximum deflection of an element in a complex state of stress taking into account rheological influences and a possible influence of shear forces, and compares it with the permissible value.
  • The design and verification report in the form of manual calculations containing all intermediate results is made in the RTF (MS Word) format.

EuroWood EN


The module is intended for the design and verification of single-branch, planar and spatial timber constructions.

  • The user can create any design and verification type definitions (buckling coefficients, cross-section weakenings, permissible deflection and other parameters), which can then be used in any project.
  • The kmod modification factor is adopted automatically based on the group of loads with the greatest impact on the structure in a given combination, or manually based on the user's decision.
  • It is possible to design and verify individual bars, and a group of collinear or almost collinear bars (with an angle change below 5 degrees).
  • Internal force envelopes at all characteristic points of the designed element are automatically checked.

Advanced features of the EuroWood module:

The EuroWood module is intended for design and verification of single-branch, planar and spatial timber structures with rectangular cross-sections, according to PN-EN 1995-1-1 Eurocode 5, in the ArCADia-RAMA program, in the unidirectional and bidirectional stress state, including the torsional moment. The program checks the load capacity and deflections taking into account rheological influences for solid and glued laminated timber elements of rectangular cross-sections. Depending on the internal forces occurring, the following verifications of the ultimate and the serviceability limit states can be carried out in the program:

  • Checking flexural stability in the bending state.

  • Checking two-way bending with compression.

  • Checking compression with two-way bending.

  • Checking two-way bending.

  • Checking two-way bending with tension.

  • Checking axial compression.

  • Checking axial tension.

  • Checking one and two-way shear.

  • Checking torsion with shear.

  • Checking the permissible relative deflection and displacement taking into account rheological influences (creep and humidity).

All of the above conditions are checked in accordance with PN-EN 1995-1-1 Eurocode5. The program is made in the form of an integrated installation, built into the program for static calculations ArCADia-RAMA.


In order for the EuroWood module to work, the ArCADia-RAMA module has to be purchased and installed first.



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