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  • Automatic inclusion in the list of reinforcement steel of the regular distribution of the top grid’s support tables.
  • Automatic inclusion in the list of reinforcement steel of the regular distribution of the top grid’s support tables.
  • Dimensioning of the reinforcement in millimetres or centimetres with the ability to set the accuracy.
  • Automatic inclusion of the necessary radiuses of reinforcement bar bending.
  • Ability to create reinforcement bars of any shape.
  • Ability to modify the diameters and properties of reinforcement bars.
  • Automatic removal of reinforcement bars, including their dimensioning and description.
  • Ability to insert an aggregated numbering of the slab’s reinforcement bars and their descriptions for bars with a regular increase in the bar’s length.
  • Free insertion of reinforcement descriptions to element views and cross-sections.
  • Automatic continuous numbering of all bars within one document or for one slab.
  • Ability to freely shape the dimensioning of the slab’s geometry.
  • Automatic creation and modification of the list of reinforcement steel based on the created reinforcement model (list for a single slab or list for the entire drawing).
  • Preview of the designed slab reinforcement model in a 3D view.



  • Automatic inclusion of rectangular reinforcement grids for any given shape of the slab or its fragment while maintaining a uniform or altering grid reinforcement in both directions as well as the maintenance of the vertical cover (top and bottom) and side cover for all grid bars.
  • Automatic inclusion of rectangular reinforcement grids for the user-defined area inside the rectangular or any other shape slab.
  • The ability to copy defined grids between the bottom and top surface of the slab.
  • Ability to bend the bars from the top grid to the bottom grid.
  • Ability to introduce regular densities of the reinforcement in both directions in the selected area of the given grid and to make a copy.
  • Ability to introduce a cut-out of any shape in the predetermined grid.
  • Ability to modify the grid’s contours and separating it into individual bars.
  • Ability to add single bars to the grid in the main or secondary direction.
  • Ability to copy grid bars.
  • Ability to modify the length of single grid bars
  • Ability to move the entire distribution of the bars in the grid.
  • Automatic removal of the distribution of excess grid bars based entirely on the slab’s support area (walls and binding joists).
  • Ability to establish vertical punch fittings in the areas of direct slab support on columns.



  • Ability to design multiple slabs within one document.

  • Ability to transfer the ceilings including their support conditions from the building’s model in the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE program.

  • Ability to build the geometry and reinforcement plate of the slab in two main views defined separately for the top and bottom reinforcement plates.

  • Free panning and adding of new slab cross-sections as well as setting the depth of field of cross-section reinforcement.

  • Ability to freely shape the slab’s contours and openings as well as adding supports in the form of: walls, columns and binding joists.

Advanced features of the ArCADia-REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB module:

This module is intended for construction engineers to provide maximum support to the user in developing detailed structural drawings of reinforced concrete slabs in a CAD program.



The module creates a spatial model of the slab’s reinforcement, allowing further editing and the automatic creation of new slab cross-sections. Based on the data entered by the user, in the form of views of the slab’s top and bottom reinforcement plates and the element’s cross-sections.


This module expands the capabilities of the ArCADia BIM program with advanced functions, which means that part of the building modelling options are available in the ArCADia BIM program: ArCADia LT, ArCADia BIM, ArCADia PLUS



Maximum support in detailed structural

drawings of reinforced concrete slabs



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