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Table Editor.





Clone Function.


Customize Aliases command (seperate).




Total length and Total area function.





Loading points from csv and txt files (Import of points).

Breaking dimensions with an object, e.g. a line

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 Main features:


  • Dynamic coordinate input and a setup window for dynamic input.

  • Editing tool palettes, creating block palettes and block editor.

  • Recurring selection and deleting duplicates (overkill).

  • Import and export of system variable settings from the System Variable Manager level.

  • Reading and saving drawings in AutoCAD format from 2.5 to 2018 (DWG, DXF).
  • Working in DWG 2018 native format.
  • Possibility to work on several computers (under one license), using a simple transfer of the license file.
  • A smart list of the most often used commands (Smart TOP 10) that are automatically memorized when working on a project, creating a personalized tool palette.
  • Using DWT templates.
  • The function of fixing and checking damaged files.
  • The program window is divided into tabs in which the drawings are successively displayed.
  • Command line and input.
  • Working on layers.
  • Project management explorer.
  • Working in Cartesian and polar coordinates.
  • Dockable tool palettes.
  • Dedicated toolbar of Express tools.
  • Possibility to create a non-rectangular viewport in the paper space.
  • Implemented interpreter of the Lisp programming language.
  • Possibility to load SDS and IRX overlays.

 Drawing features:


  • Tools for creating 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Possibility to fully modify and edit the properties of all drawn elements.
  • New editable Quick Properties window.
  • Preview modifications when using the Offset, Trim, and Extend commands.
  • Dimensioning and text styles with the ability to import.
  • Entering and defining symbol libraries, blocks, simple and complex texts (SHX and TrueType fonts). Additional multiline text editor.
  • Entering and defining symbol libraries, blocks, simple and complex texts (SHX and TrueType fonts). Updated functions of the word editor. Additional multiline text editor.
  • Exploding attributes to text and exploding texts.
  • Dimensioning assigned to the element: linear and angular, the ability to define your own styles.
  • Automatic field and distance measurement, setting coordinates.
  • Combined command: Move / Copy / Rotate / Scale.
  • Construction lines.
  • Handles, attributes, hatches.
  • A wide range of hatch patterns. New hatch definition and gradient fill window.
  • Preview modifications when editing hatches.
  • Inserting and editing tables.
  • A multiline drawing option.
  • Enhanced block, reference and dimension support capabilities: block conversion to reference, copying embedded objects (blocks, references and underlays), block/reference property list.
  • Relative paths support for raster images and external links.
  • Options: Select similar (with adding to the selection and by the settings window), Multiadogy, Multiline editor, Dashed line.
  • Displaying properties of the many selected elements in the form of a tree.
  • 3D objects (primitives) - Facet Modeler (ODA surface modeler), along with basic editing functions - intended for use in 3D, when the mass of the element is not significant.
  • Possibility of photorealistic visualization and rendering.
  • Drawing in hidden line mode and shading in real time.
  • Inserting and editing AEC architectural elements: walls, windows, openings, doors, ceilings and flat roofs.
  • New AEC Styles Menager window for managing elements.
  • Saving and displaying mechanical elements (Teigha Mechanical API).
  • Displaying ADT and Civil 3D objects.
  • Possibility to open ACIS solids (without the option to create and fully edit).

 Precision drawing tools:


  • Auxiliary grid, orthogonal drawing functions, polar tracking.
  • Extended recognition of snap points (ESNAP), e.g. for lines - center, end points and intersections of lines.
  • Setting the snapping of characteristic points to underlays.
  • Possibility to use a set of commands for construction lines.
  • Expanded visualization - zoom, regeneration and panning of the drawing, dynamic rotation of 3D objects and a new function of camera settings in the view.



  • Importing and editing raster images (e.g. geodesic underlay), including files such as: JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG
  • Import and export PDF file.
  • Cooperating with BIM applications by loading spatial 3D models from Revit in RVT and RFA format as underlays in CAD projects (64-bit version only).
  • Cooperation with BIM applications by loading spatial 3D models in the IFC format as underlays in CAD projects (64-bit version only).
  • Include .rvt and .ifc underlays when exporting to .ifc files.
  • Support of DWF, DGN and DAE formats.
  • Export of STL files.
  • Import and export Facet Modeler Binary (.fmb) files.
  • Possibility of adding point cloud in RCP/RCS format.
  • Specify a coordinate system when importing map data from SDF, SQLITE, or SHP files.
  • Creating a project package and use of the eTransmit saving tool.


 Full program personalization:


  • Modification of the top menu, ribbons (panels and tabs), toolbars, command status bar and keyboard shortcuts.
  • New ways of using the program interface, its settings and exporting the set profile.
  • Configuration of the working screen: background colour, handles, cross hair size, cursor, etc.
  • Printing and publishing

    • Import page setups from other drawings.

    • Use presets when publishing or exporting to .pdf files.

    • When publishing or exporting solid fill hatches to .pdf files, choose the Polygon option to generate an outer loop by the vectorizer using polygons and then fill it with the appropriate color.

    • When using the Publish command, manage layer states by choosing Layer States Manager in the Layer States column.


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What’s new in INTERsoft-INTELLICAD 2024 ?

  • Input of axial lines into circles and indicated parallel or any lines.

  • Introduced saving from dwg file to IFC format (works for AEC objects).

  • Block scaling introduced.

  • Introduced Spline CV and Extract issoline curves and curve support in the 3D ribbon.

  • SUPERHATCH function that allows areas to be filled with a texture loaded from a file. Hatches an area using a selected image object, block object, external reference object or cover object.

  • Draw 3D-helis.

  • OpenGL ES graphics driver set as default in the program.

  • Quick Properties window of the element, their settings in Drawing Settings and the Quick Properties panel settings in Customise.

  • Introduced a characteristic point - Geometric Centre.

  • Saving a table to a CSV spreadsheet format.

  • AEC style manager, level manager and level tools, multi-pitch roof and floor editor and configurator.

  • Quick Trim function.

  • Correction of driver support for dedicated virtual pdf printer.




Powerful tool for precise drawing. The new graphics interface ensures intuitive work and does not interfere in the CAD designer’s habits. 



Breakthrough version of the CAD software for creating 2D/3D technical documentation in the DWG format.

CAD software for the construction industry, supporting 2D and 3D design

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