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  • Creating reports containing tabular and graphical results in RTF format.
  • Gradient maps of normal, shear and reduced stresses in any cross-sections of bars.
  • Column buckling factors calculator developed on the basis of Access Steel procedures - NCCI:SN008a-PL-EU.
  • Possibilty to set, calculate and visualize results for groups of movable loads.
  • Setting of the full envelope of normal stresses and calculation of normal stresses for particular groups of loads, sum of load groups, combinations and envelopes.
  • Determining the graph of normal, shear and reduced stresses at any point on the bar section.
  • Calculations including 2nd order effects.
  • Visualization of system deformation.
  • Calculators of climate loads according to PN-EN standards, with the option of transferring load values.
  • Available types of loading: forces and concentrated moments, continuous loads, continuous moments, bar heating, temperature difference, settling and rotation of supports.
  • Possibility to set surface loads.
  • Possibility of inserting loads by tension.
  • Transferring a 3D construction view created on the basis of the spatial architectural model of the ArCADia system to the Rama 3D program. The bar elements are transferred with the material and cross-section of the bar, and the remaining elements of the architectural model are transferred in the form of a rendered or translucent 3D view as well as active underlays.
  • Opening roofs underlays from the ArCADia system together with the automatic generation of the construction of roof slopes.
  • Import of a planar and spatial DXF files as a bar structure or underlay (editable).
  • Export of a bar model to a DXF file.
  • Calculation of bars with constant and variable cross-section.
  • Possibility to define ties and eccentricity bars (one-sided or two-sided) with a offset of cross-section axis.
  • A full range of support types with the option of determining their elasticity.
  • The possibility of stiffening any groups of bars in the node as well as bars and supports.
  • Bar profile manager with a defined library of steel, reinforced concrete and wooden profiles and the possibility of expanding the library with own profiles.
  • Creating cross-sections of any shape, cutting individual sections, copying, rotating and moving components of a complex cross-section.
  • Automatic calculation of all possible cross-section characteristics in the system of local and principal axes, including determining the core of the cross-section.
  • Parametric construction generators: spatial rectangular frames, arches (parabolic and circular), plane trusses, wooden roof trusses, spatial towers and geodetic domes.
  • Insertion of dimension lines to the 3D model.
  • Possibility of switching on the cross-section preview of the bar being inserted during its insertion.


  • Precise coordinate specification of relative rod elements in the Cartesian and polar coordinates.
  • Advanced tracking functions when entering bar elements (auxiliary lines and characteristic points).

Advanced features of ArCADia-RAMA program:

Powerful tool for modelling and calculations of any planar and spatial  bar structures according to PN-EN Eurocode standards

CAD software for the construction industry, supporting 2D and 3D design



Detailed specification

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