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29 January 2020

ArCADia 11

What is ArCADia BIM?


ArCADia BIM 11 is the base module of the ArCADia SYSTEM. This module consists of the basic system tools, functions creating the architectural and structural model, functions for drawing internal installations such as Sewage Installations, Gas Installations, Heating Installations, Electrical Installations and an advanced CAD drawing engine.


ArCADia BIM 11 - the base module of the ArCADia SYSTEM best cad software


What can we do using ArCADia BIM?


In the base version of the program, you can create a building structure by drawing: walls, windows, doors, columns, chimneys, ceilings, stairs and entering the roof with (or without) dormers or dormer windows. You can also draw installations inside the building and create lists of elements used in the design of these installations. The program contains libraries of installation elements listed by manufacturer, and also gives the opportunity to enter your own data or new companies. The functionality of the base module is further expand by the additionally paid for industry specific modules which perform the advanced calculations and verifications.


ArCADia BIM 11 - the base module of the ArCADia SYSTEM best cad software



The projects are drawn on views, and in the 3D view, which can be turned on all the time or as needed, every introduced system element can be seen.




In ArCADia 11, the 3D view has been expanded to include an advanced mode (new engine) that renders the scene in real time. If the graphics card in the user's computer has sufficient parameters, then the design is realistically rendered along with the light and shadow on the building and its surroundings, without the need to use advanced visualization options located in the architectural module. If the graphic card is weaker or there is no need to show light and shadows, because e.g. we are designing a sewage system, then the 3D View can be switched to the simplified mode (old engine), i.e. as it was in previous versions of the program (if the graphics card has too low parameters, the 3D View will be automatically launched in the simplified mode (old engine)).


ArCADia BIM 11 - the base module of the ArCADia SYSTEM best cad software


Why BIM and why ArCADia?


An assumption of BIM design is, amongst others, the creation of a complete building model and its subsequent management. In ArCADia you can create such a model starting from the architecture through the internal installations, and by using additional modules also connect the designed building to the external networks. All this is possible  in one model,  thanks to the specialized design options for the various industries. It is obvious that during the project designing process, there is no time for the architect's design to be forwarded to each industry in turn. Usually the same project goes to the different industry specialists at the same time and it is carried out simultaneously. This obviously means a lot of errors that only come out at the building stage. This is not about design errors, but about the fact that while industry specialists are designing at the same time they can use similar locations for their own elements, i.e. later those elements can overlap or intersect with each other. To avoid this, in BIM designing, a great deal of emphasis is placed on checking the project before it enters the construction site, to avoid the high cost of altering the installation (and not only) during construction work.


ArCADia BIM 11 - the base module of the ArCADia SYSTEM best cad software


ArCADia 11 in the basic version of the program has options for checking inter-industry collisions in the project. They allow you to select and create a list of items that collide with each other. The program does not correct any errors but it clearly marks the place and elements that create collisions. Someone may ask how to check different projects? This is a very good question. Printing designs and putting them on top of each other on flat drawings does not give us any answers, but merging documents done with system elements - does. After getting the architectural design made in ArCADia system, the industry installations are drawn. Then the project created in this way is sent back to the architect or for larger investments to the person checking the design and there all designs are merged into one model.


Anyone using ArCADia 11 can merge projects from different industries as well as check for collisions, both of those options are available in the basic version of the program. The checked project together with the marked collisions and the additional list of consolidated elements goes to the appropriate industries that change their installations and if after re-merging and checking there is nothing else to correct, you can finish the design stage, if something is detected again, the procedure is repeated until such a time when, without any collisions you can start the construction process that will not be interrupted by any surprises.






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