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Description Of Component Association
18 November 2020

ArCADia-3D MAKER: 3D Presentation Recording

The ArCADia BIM system has the option for saving a 3D presentation, i.e. a three-dimensional project model in such a view.

There are no views and dimensions here, you cannot make a cross-section, print or save the visualization. You can only see the saved model in a 3D view. To create such a presentation, go to the Collaboration ribbon and in the Presentation logical group and select the Create option.


ArCADia-3D MAKER: 3D Presentation Recording


When designing, we meet with various clients who do not necessarily see their investment from our drawings and sections. Of course, the visualizations are good way of presenting our project, but sometimes it is easier to show it as a 3D solid, which the client can walk through, see it from all sides, but he is not able to change anything. This is exactly what the ArCADia-3D MAKER module was created for.

Default cameras such as top view or side view are available among the saved cameras.


ArCADia-3D MAKER: 3D Presentation Recording


The project can be viewed with textures or in the layers colour view set in the program.


ArCADia-3D MAKER: 3D Presentation Recording


There are three modes for viewing and walking about your project:


  • Orbit 
  •  Flight
  •   Walk 


The next two icons    are for lowering and raising the view of the building.

If the project has been saved with several industries, it is possible to " glass” (make transparent) the chosen industry.


ArCADia-3D MAKER: 3D Presentation Recording


The project presentation can be saved from the browser, i.e. as an .exe file or as presentation data, opened in the ArCADia-3D VIEWER (a3d file).

The presentation is saved in the ArCADia-3D MAKER module.


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