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 After drawing all the levels, you can place the roof using the Rectangle roof     function, which you can find on the Architecture ribbon.




Now we select the introduced roof and we enter its properties.



In the above window, you have the default slope settings, which you can modify to obtain a gable roof. On the roof preview, we select slope 2. It will be marked automatically both on the preview and below in the table, you checkbox the Gable wall column. Do the same for slope 4.



You confirm the introduced changes and again Cut objects below (i.e. you answer Yes to the displayed question).



Before you fill in the space between the roof ridge and the attic, you need to introduce the dormer in the bay windows, and the windows protruding from the roof will be used in the dormer walls. In the Project Manager window, you switch to Roof 1. Your upper (relative to the screen) bay window is 575 cm wide, you add the width of the side walls of 10 cm each and enter 595 cm in the width of the dormer before you insert it.


You call the   option and go into its properties. We enter the width calculated above (595 cm)and also change one of the roof slopes to a gable wall, as marked on the print screen below.



You approve all changes and you introduce the dormer in the middle of the outer wall edge of the bay window.




You do not cut the elements below at this stage.

Without exiting the option, we introduce a second dormer with a width of 331 cm, and again when asked if Cut objects below you choose No. After introducing both dormers, you enter each of their properties and change the knee wall height to 250 m, the eave of the gable wall to 50 cm and mark the option: opening to roof slope edge.



Only after modifying the second dormer you Cut objects below.



Now you need to fill the empty space under the roof. You create a new level above the loft and call it an attic. Because you don't know the distance to the roof ridge, we will change the height of the level to 400 cm. We copy only the walls.




Walls always copy themselves with windows and doors, so now from the expanded list of attic elements (in the Project Manager window) select Door, right click and choose Select objects. You remove the marked doors.



You proceed the same way with windows.

In the Project Manager window, click on Roof 1 and under the right button select Cut objects.




Now you will place the roof over the uncut protrusion of the building. Go to the loft and choose the Rectangle roof  insert option. Set the knee wall at 250 cm, the eave at  50, and do not change the pitch. See the roof view, but for now we do not Cut objects below.



We change the parameters of the inserted roof according to the screenshot below and after approval we Cut objects below.

Go to the attic levels, remove the side walls of the break (leave only the gable one) and the bottom part of the left wall (now they are two separate walls). We extend the remaining wall on the left side.







ArCADia BIM - Inserting And Modifying a Roof

23 July 2020
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