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Description Of Component Association
15 January 2024

How to create a mansard roof

Mansard roof in ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE.


There is no "Insert mansard roof" option (or other types of roofs) in ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE, which of course does not mean that it is impossible to create such a roof in the program.



The above roof is made up of two roofs with different slopes. The first one, the lower one, has slopes set at an angle of 60 degrees.



And most importantly, it has a defined option Horizontal Roof Limit (r) at a height of 320 cm.



The second roof starts 26.5 cm (i.e. the thickness of the roof) lower, and the slopes are inclined at an angle of 30 degrees.




Dormers are installed in the lower roof and are fully housed in it. If this were not the case, the second roof would have to be extended over the dormers to cover them.

Since the above roof consists of two roofs, in order to insert the truss into it, you need to move the roofs to the R3D3-Rama 3D program one by one, remembering to properly position the rafters in both relocated roofs.

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