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Description Of Component Association
09 November 2022


It can be said that we have 2 ways to print in ArCADia. The first option is to print from the Model area, the second from the Sheet.




If the printout will be from the Model area, we need to indicate or draw the area that will be the print sheet and set the print parameters accordingly after selecting Print.





It may happen, or rather will happen, that after selecting Print, a message about the absence of a Kyocera printer will appear, accept it and go to the above window. In it, we start by selecting the Name of the printer, and the sheet sizes will be read from its settings.


If we choose a pdf printer, we should not select Print to file, this option does not save pdf files, this is done by the corresponding printer downloaded from the Internet. In the field below, we select the Size of paper, and next to it the number of copies to be printed. Below in the field Print Scale, we uncheck the options Fit to page (because this option does not allow you to specify the scale of the printout), switch the units to mm and specify the scale. The scale depends on the units in which we drew. If they were mm, then we can choose the scale from the list If in others then we need to convert how many units of drawing per 1 unit of print.


All in all, it is not as complicated as it sounds. If we have a drawing in centimeters and we want to print it at a scale of 1:50, then in the Scale: list we select Usage and below it we specify: 1 mm 5 units. That is, we just move the comma.


In the Offset field, we can check center on the page, but remember that if, for example, the left margin is to be wider, the option must be unchecked. Here you should be careful, because most printers have their own margin defined, and you may have to reset it or show the sheet in such a way to include it. Unfortunately, not every printer in its settings has the option to disable the margin.


The next field is the Print Area, here from the list of What to print we choose Window and indicate the print area. With this, it's a good idea to go right into the preview and check that everything is shown correctly. In the Print Style Table field, we select a style or define it. Among other things, the style determines how colors and pen thicknesses are to be printed. You can choose from a list of defaults or define your own. The Shaded Viewport Options field below should be grayed out. These parameters will be available as you switch Visual Styles from 2D Grid to others. These options are used when defining 3D figures and solids from the 3D Drawing ribbon. In other cases, this is unlikely to be used. The Sheet Tab Options field when printing from a model will be disabled. Below, we select whether we want to print With print styles and line thickness or not. And in the last field we define the orientation of the drawing.


If we want these settings to be taken over to the sheet, then we can press Apply to sheet, and if we just want to print, then let's still check the preview, if everything is ok, then we print.

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