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CAD programs have various options of searching for elements. You can, for example, select all circles or lines in a project or search only for lines drawn with a specific type or colour scheme. The ArCADia system uses more complex elements, because e.g. a wall in a drawing consists of several lines of different types, thicknesses, etc. Therefore, to select specific system objects, we must use the Project Manager, and not the quick search option.

The main rule of working in the ArCADia system is to work on one View and one active Level (as in the case of layers in CAD programs - one layer is always active on which we draw).



Therefore, you can select all objects of a specific type only for one level, using the Select elements option. The command is available after selecting a group of elements in the tree, in the Project Manager window. After selecting elements, you need to either right-click to bring up the list of available options, or click the icon marked in the screenshot below.



In the above case, all walls of a given level will be selected. You can enter their properties, but if the walls are of different types, i.e. they consist of different layers, their modification will be limited.



Layers in walls can then be changed only by selecting a wall type from the library, but you can change for all walls, e.g. height or texture parameters. With textures, however, remember that the right and left sides of the wall depend on the direction of its insertion, which means that two walls parallel to each other may have their sides swapped in the 3D view due to the opposite drawing direction.


Elements are slightly different in a cross-section, where there is no active level, but you can also select a group of objects from the tree in the Project Manager. Here, however, it should be remembered that only those elements that are cut or visible in the cross-section will be selected. For example: The screenshot below shows that all walls have been marked in the cross-section on the ground floor level.


In the properties window I changed the axis pen colour for all walls.


As you can see, only some walls have changed, the cut line is to the top, so all walls to the bottom of the cross-section line are not on it.

In the cross-section view, it is possible to select elements from different levels, but not by selecting the whole group in the tree, but rather by clicking on particular elements or selecting an area. With the second option, different elements will be selected, unless we block them first.

The 3D view combines element selection from both the view and the cross-section. This means that after selecting a group of elements from a particular level, all elements there will be selected, similarly to the way it is done on the view. In the same way as in the cross-section, you can select objects by clicking on them and selecting them from different levels.





























Selecting Elements From The Project Manager, Cross-Section and 3D View.

10 November 2020
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