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Work in a CAD environment using BIM tools. Object drawing, quick documentation creation.

CAD software for the construction industry, supporting 2D and 3D design
CAD software for the construction industry, supporting 2D and 3D design

Software based on a well-known and developed for many years CAD platform, which guarantees full compliance with the DWG format.

The first Polish software for the construction industry allowing the designer to work in accordance with BIM technology.


Software that uses many solutions that significantly accelerate design work in the construction industry. By using objects such as a multilayer wall, doors or windows, the user can quickly create CAD drawings, without losing anything from the full compatibility of the project with the DWG format.


The ArCADia program ends Autodesk's monopoly on the market of CAD programs, bringing to an end unjustified overpricing and proving that a program with high quality and functionality can be available at a price which is corresponding to the capabilities of each designer. 

ArCADia software features:

  • Support BIM technology, object-oriented architectural design.
  • Ready-made architectural elements: multilayer walls, stairs, bases, columns, chimneys, windows and doors.
  • Comparing and merging documents.
  • Automatic floor entry, additional support for Teriva ceiling design.
  • Drawing of flat and spatial technical documentation and its writing to the native DWG format characteristic of most CAD applications.
  • Work on layered drawing with the ability to use groups, blocks, external references and raster backdrops.
  • Precise drawing with the ability to use Cartesian and polar coordinates, characteristic points and tracking.
  • Work on a real-world model with the ability to print at any scale on a specified sheet of paper.
  • Generating statements.
  • Supporting the IFC format. A possibility to exchange design data with other programs.

Included features :

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